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Copilot suggested I write the following, when I started to draft this page:

A bland intro; such a bland intro. Thanks, copilot.

Nice. The “live, laugh, love” of tech blog intros.

About me

I’m a life-sized indigo gremlin, and a recovering designer, one who knows how to program. I thought I’d be an illustrator, once, a long time ago, but instead wound up in software.

I’ve worked on most kinds of projects at most levels (from systems to ops to interfaces), and in most languages. The first languages I reach for these days are Rust and Typescript. I’ve got a huge volume of experience with React as well, though I’m framework-versatile.

Most of my industry experience is in the ecommerce, insurance, and medical industries.

Tech Stack

This is an adaptation of the AstroPaper blog theme for Astro. It uses the Jost typeface, by Indestructible Type.