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Link Roundup - An Art Idea, Newtypes, K8S Homelabs, Wasm + Prost

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Published: at 12:00 AM
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Haha. Oh, man. I’m hopeless. This time I definitely thought I was going to use these tabs for “stuff”.

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Cool art


I just love this stuff to death. It made me want to try out some Hanging Towers designs except, leaning hard on Solomon-esque sigil design and combining it with this and some art deco layout. One day, right?

I love this blog

Link but also check out his tech notes.

Benjamin Sago is great. Where’d he go? Hope he’s doing alright. But, look at this blog, it’s clean and info dense, and useful as hell.

I actually jotted this down a while ago but it was in an Obsidian vault that combined Obsidian Sync, and Apple iCloud. Which is stupid. Apple iCloud loves to throw shit away, apparently, and Obsidian Sync takes that very seriously. Entire weeks of private journaling, destroyed. But I found it again! So it goes here.


Meanwhile, here’s another one. Not directly related, but Bsago’s RSS game is on point, and so I felt this was related.

Starlight & Blog Books

I’m probably going to move my Hanging Towers and Evening source books and reference over to this blog. Starlight seems ideal for it, and I’m working on getting multi-instance support put together. My plan is to pop a bunch of my current repos into this one, which already reads Obsidian a little bit, and wire them up to be digital sourcebooks. I’ve got a branch going, it’s WIP, but Astro makes things easy.


Man, rust. Rust. I just gotta. You know? I just gotta.

Newtype Gizmos

Newtypes are a way to take a typical primitive type, say a usize, and wrap it up with some other custom type, for example CertificateId. That lets you write your code against CertificateId, but use them like usize. The problem with doing that in rust is just that there’s some additional plumbing you have to write up to do it.

Here’s some useful tools for that!

Rust + Stripe


I have ambitions to actually make money one day. Who doesn’t like money? Here’s a way to wire money up to rust web-apps. Neat.

JSON Canvas


This is a rust implementation of the jsoncanvas spec that Obsidian uses for its canvas feature. It means you can pop canvas renders into things powered by rust!

Rust Web App Stuff

This is an umbrella of my own invention, so it’s a little scattered. That’s all the apology you’re going to get for this section.

Alice’s Actor Post


I practically live with this post open, so I’ll just bookmark it. It’s outstanding, though. I use this setup all the time for all my things.

The Home Lab

I’ve kicked off a home lab for myself, it’s a local system with k3s installed, and a few services on it. I’ve started using it to test my deployments and platform work. The math works out pretty well, actually: I drop $1k on a server once, or I drop $1k running it every month. That’s right, every month! Cloud software is not cheaper, y’all.

Plus I’m going to drop my subscription services a bit and this is what I’ll need to do media hosting and file sharing, etc.

Here we go.

LLM Shit

Man, you knew I’d wind up here again, right? It’s just where everyone’s attention is these days, and I’d be making a dumb choice to not stay up to date.

That’s all I got for this one this time though.


I’ve got to quit doing this to myself. At least this is a good release valve, though, huh?